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In the Department of Mortgage Spending and as experts in this matter we advise the affected in the claim and declaration of nullity of the clause of allocation of expenses as well as to the claim of the amounts applied by said clause.

We operate throughout the national territory and can advise them, mainly, on the following typologies of claims:

  • Declaration of nullity of the clause of imputation of mortgage expenses to the affected (borrower) and the corresponding claim of the amounts paid for this concept.
  • Claiming the following items related to mortgage expenses:
    • Fees of the Notary for the formalization of the deed of Mortgage Loan.
    • Property Registrar fees derived from the registration of the charge (mortgage) in favor of the financial institution on the property in question.
    • Tax on Documented Legal Acts - Model 600 (AJD).
    • Expenses of the Manager for the processing of the registration of the mortgage in the Property Registry, and for the settlement and presentation of the tax in the corresponding office.
    • Amount of Property Valuation.
  • Extrajudicial claim and filing a lawsuit against the bank entity requesting nullity and repayment of the amounts and corresponding interest.
  • Full court proceedings in both First Instance and Second Instance regarding mortgage expenses. Supreme Court if that were the case.
  • Claim for nullity of the clauses of imputation of expenses established in Mortgage Loans for Companies.
  • Study, analysis, extrajudicial claim and Interposition of Claims for those affected in clauses of imputation of expenses of Company.
  • Professional action throughout the national court before the Courts and Tribunals.

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