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Inheritance law claims and defenses is one of the services we have provided since our beginnings as lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid.

Lawyers specializing in inheritance law

In the area of inheritance law, it is important to efficiently plan the destination of our assets prior to death. Sanahuja-Miranda has a team of professionals (lawyers and prosecutors) who will advise you on the drafting of the will and the tax and patrimonial impact of the distribution of assets. Likewise, in the event of any matter related to a succession or inheritance claim, a global treatment is required in the legal, fiscal and tax fields, for which SM has a team of lawyers and tax specialists who will advise you, among others, on the following matters.

  • Legal and tax planning of the testamentary succession.
  • Inheritance acceptances.
  • Claims of legitimate and legacies.
  • Challenge of wills.
  • Declarations of heirs.
  • Settlement of inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Family business succession planning.

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