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The claims and defenses of traffic rights is one of the services we provide since our beginnings as lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid.

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From S&M and through the experience of more than thirty years of work in the sector we can advise you on traffic law, among others, on the following issues:

  • Specialty in the valuation and analysis of the valuation of bodily injury, injuries, sequels, disabilities, lost profits, consequential damages and other correction factors according to the New Scale of application since January 2016.
  • Criminal proceedings: Location of the proceedings, obtaining a Statement of Facts, defense and claim through the corresponding complaint, presentation of written pleadings and attendance at the hearing of the proceedings. Application for Enforcement Titles and assistance at the hearing of Art. 13 LRCVM.
  • Defense in Alcoholemias, injuries and damages.
  • Civil proceedings: advice, claim and defense of injuries and material damages suffered as a result of a traffic accident.
  • Out-of-court claims for injuries and material damages.
  • Claim of paralyzation and loss of profit (carriers, cabs, rental vehicles, income lost as a result of the accident, etc).
  • Claim for major injuries, loss of earnings and consequential damages (corrective factor, housing adequacy, need for a third person, etc).
  • Claim of repair value vs. market value when applicable.
  • Claim of late payment interest of Art. 20 LCS.

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