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How can we help you?

From Sanahuja-Miranda lawyers we advise you in the traffic accident claim process with the help of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents to obtain the maximum amount in your compensation.

Our team of expert traffic lawyers will help you throughout the entire process through the following procedure:


Case study

Case study through the documentation you provide us to assess the viability of compensation for traffic accident. Our lawyers will study your case and make sure that you obtain the maximum possible compensation according to the traffic accident you have suffered and will watch over your rights at all times.


Presentation of the claim

Once the case has been studied and its viability assessed, our lawyers will proceed to present the claim to the cause of the accident and then hold the hearing where the judge will determine the compensation that corresponds to you according to the documentation and evidence presented.


Collection of compensation

Once the sentence has been issued, you will proceed to collect the compensation that corresponds to you. This is when our lawyers will make sure that you get the highest amount of compensation compared to the valuation of what happened by the insurance company. From this point, Sanahuja-Miranda attorneys will take care of presenting the compensation to the insurer.

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Why have a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents?

At Sanahuja-Miranda lawyers we offer you the option of hiring a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents to take your case and get the maximum compensation.

A lawyer specialized in traffic accidents is the right professional to legally support you at this time and who will advise you so that you are compensated as due.

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Fields of action

Within the field of traffic accidents, at Sanahuja-Miranda lawyers we help you with:

  • Baremation of body harm
  • Lawsuits
  • Complaints
  • Execution of titles of maximum amount
  • Negotiation with insurers
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Trust in Sanahuja-Miranda attorneys

At Sanahuja-Miranda lawyers we are specialists in traffic law, we have experience in cases similar to yours.

Our team of specialized traffic lawyers will defend your rights as a victim of a traffic accident and will see that the case is resolved in a favorable way for you.