Leasing & Rental and Horizontal Property Lawyers

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Leasing & rental and horizontal property claims and defenses is one of the services we have provided since our beginnings as lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid

Lawyers specializing in leasing & rental and horizontal property

In the Leasing & Rental Area, S&M advises private individuals and companies, both preventively with regard to entering into various agreements and in claims for damages caused and claims for lease/rent defaults. We advise real-estate agencies and asset management companies, addressing the specific needs of each client to find the required solution for each specific case.

The following are included in this area:

  • Earnest money contracts (specific inclusions. Mortgages)
  • Termination of contracts and evictions
  • Actions for collection of unpaid rent If required, appearance in proceedings to claim such unpaid rent from the debtor
  • Urban and rural leasing
  • Council housing (VPO)
  • Rent-control leases Updating of rental where legally authorised
  • Claims against tenants for property damage
  • Property occupancy status
  • Creating and advising owners' associations in horizontal property systems
  • Claims for owners' association payments against co-owners
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Consulting involving all forms of contracts

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