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Legal and drone claims and defenses are one of our specialties and one of the services we offer from our foundation as lawyers in Madrid and Barcelona.

Lawyers specialized in drones

From SM we have created Legal Drone by understanding that it is a Legal Sector that requires a high specialization and knowledge of the Ordinance related to Drones and RPAS.

Our specialization covers both the knowledge of the Legislation related to the Sector, as well as that derived from the Law of Civil, Commercial and LOPD Liability in which we are highly qualified.

We consider that to advise mainly Professionals -basically Operators- as well as Individuals, the knowledge of the subject must be comprehensive, which is why we mainly provide the following services:

  • Constitution of Operators and Registration of the same in AESA. Assessment and analysis of Civil Liability coverage with Insurers.
  • Regulation and contracting system between Operator and Pilots. Responsibilities, exclusions and regulation of the obligations of the parties.
  • Advice prior to any activity, either from a Professional or a Private Party.
  • Analysis of the Safety Studies prior to any AESA flight authorization.
  • Defense against any requirement or claim by AESA in all jurisdictions.
  • Claim for breaches of third parties to AESA.
  • Defense and Claim for the consequences of an accident caused by Drones / RPAS.

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