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Bank abuse claim lawyers

In our vocation of advice to particulars and companies, there is an special importance of the Banking Law.

The actual economic and social situation together with the Banks practices and the serious damages that those practices had made to the particulars and the Companies must be attend with our maximum study and dedication. Our team of professionals made the personal preventive consulting as the extra-judicial and judicial claims.

From the Banking Law Department we emphasize the following aspects:

  • Abuses and damaging Bank practices: Vices of Consent with the effect of nullity of the contract.
    • Preferred participations
    • Interest Rate Agreement or SWAPS
    • Base Clause establish on a Mortgage Contract
    • IRPH
    • Multi-currency Mortgage Contract
    • Warrants
  • Claims against the Financial Consulting Companies (EAFI) because of the nullity of the contracts as because of the breach of the contracts.
  • Defend on foreclosures
  • Datio in payment
  • Renegotiation of the Debt

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