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Our specialised department is able to guarantee comprehensive advice and legal representation in the fields of Labour Law and Social Security.

Our working methods are based on a multidisciplinary team of professionals who study the company's labour relations, from employment management to the most complete overall view of any problem, as lawyers, accountants, tax experts and other professionals all take part in our analysis, together providing in-depth knowledge in all fields, to ensure that the solutions which we offer are comprehensive, individually tailored and highly effective.

Advice and labour management

  • Employment: ordinary contracts and special senior executive contracts
  • Salary pay slips
  • Social insurance settlements
  • Collective bargaining agreements and exceptional extensions
  • Legalisation of new enterprises
  • Studies of labour costs, compensation and benefits
  • Company employment audit
  • Special Social Security regimes: self-employed, domestic staff, etc.
  • Processes with Government Employment Offices and Social Security Authorities

Legal-labour matters

  • Advice on Human Relations
  • Legal consultation on individual and group affairs
  • Advice and negotiation with Company Committees
  • Individual and group dismissals (Redundancy Files). Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Processes with the Ministry of Labour. Labour Conciliations
  • Procedures with Labour Inspection Officials
  • Preparation of claims against administrative resolutions
  • Claims for quantity, sanction, professional classification, mobility, harassment, employer non-compliance, declarative claims, etc.
  • Procedural representation before the Social Courts
  • Appeals to higher courts
  • Enforcement proceedings. Processes with the Salary Guarantee Fund
  • Files for permanent incapacity, retirement and other contributory and non-contributory benefits
  • Claims for sick leave and medical discharge for accidents at work, professional illnesses. Health expenses
  • Unemployment benefits and subsidies
  • Claims on penalties for lack of security measures. Loss and damages
  • Foreigners: residence cards, work permits, family regrouping, etc.

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